Meet Lebanese people in New Jersey - Make Lebanese friends in New Jersey

Meet Lebanese people in New Jersey - Make Lebanese friends in New Jersey 

 The Lebanese Matchmaker
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2 July 2008 - UPDATE: 2 of the 3 engaged couples that Nada has matched got married!... Congratulations!... and 5 of the remaining 5 are now engaged.  The remaining 3 are still together.

None of the singles that were matched have offered anything towards Nada's and LCNJ's effort.

Now, men are asked to offer something of value to LCNJ who will in turn compensate Nada for her efforts, to enable LCNJ and Nada to continue and expand this matchmaking initiative. When contacting Nada, please include your offer and include your information so that LCNJ can call you and make arrangements for your offer to be collected.  Thank you for understanding.

2 January 2008 - UPDATE: In approximately one year, Nada, working part time and screening thousands of Lebanese singles (some with unrealistic expectations), and taking care of a husband and 2 kids,  was able to match 11 Lebanese couples, 3 of them are already engaged.

22 April 2007 - UPDATE: In few short months, Nada was able to match 5 Lebanese couples based on over 100 dimensions of compatibility... Couples who are delighted to find one another. Three of which are already engaged to get married.

This enormous achievement of one woman's "selfless" initiative, did not come without a price.  Nada had put in numerous hours sieving through many possible matches which was the easy part.  The tough part was the unreasonable expectations of some women as well as sheer discrepancy between the number of applications from Lebanese men and Lebanese women.  With the enormous free advertising offered by,  she received over 1,000 applications from Lebanese men and under a 100 applications from Lebanese women... a disappointing ratio of 10:1.

To all Lebanese men:  Please help Nada help you!... Unless you help her, she will not be able to help you!.. .Very simple!...  Please e-mail to her a list of the names, phone numbers and e-mails of all the pretty and single Lebanese females you know in Lebanon and anywhere in the world.... Women YOU cannot marry but another decent Lebanese man can. Think of relatives, present and old friends, colleagues, etc...  With a 10:1 ratio of men to women, and without immediate intervention from you, she will not be able to give you any priority.  On the other hand, with everyone's help, the Lebanese man she may be able to match next may be... you.  So, Act now!... Do not procrastinate!...

2. All 5 Lebanese men that Nada has matched in the last few months, were men who have compiled lists of pretty Lebanese female relatives and friends to help build Nada's database.  So, the moral is simple: "Just help Nada help you" or you may wait for a long time before Nada is able to give your application attention, let alone give it the priority it truly deserves.

3. To all Lebanese women: Three of the Lebanese women that Nada has matched in the last few months, were Lebanese women who have compiled lists of Lebanese female relatives, colleagues and friends.  By doing their part and by Nada giving all 3 priority, they now have found true love with decent Lebanese men who want to marry them.  The other two were very pretty and down to earth women who were very eager to find true love and get married which made Nada's work easier.

4. With her enormous burden, and being the mother of 2 children, Nada may not be able to get to your application for a while.  Nada cannot, and will not work 12 hours a day for free. The best way for you to receive priority is to do your part of this initiative and e-mail her the list of females that she has requested.  As women, it is easier for you to compile a list of other Lebanese females who are pretty, down to earth, and eager to marry a Lebanese man.

5. All 5 Lebanese women that Nada has matched were "feminine" Lebanese women with a serious intent  to marry without being demanding nor unreasonable.  Please refer to The Wrong Choices Lebanese Women make The more realistic choices you give Nada the bigger your chances of finding true love, happiness and stability with a Lebanese spouse.  Some women may confuse themselves with what they "think" they want based on stereotypes and one or two dimensions...  Nada is able to give them what they "need" based on 100 dimensions of compatability... which is true love, happiness and stability with a decent Lebanese husband.



In this Life...

This may be one of the most noble and fulfilling efforts that we can all undertake collectively in the best interest of our Lebanese Community worldwide.

In this life, at one time or another, we all shared, as Lebanese women, that wonderful dream of meeting our very own charming Lebanese Prince...  the true love of our life... who will make us his own Princess, take care of us and live together happily ever after.

Some of us have found our Lebanese Prince and are living happily.  We however, must remember other Lebanese worldwide who are still looking for that rare chance to meet that special Lebanese person; their soul mate...

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 Your Lebanese Matchmaker

Successful Lebanese Matchmaking

 The Lebanese MatchmakerI am a Lebanese homemaker living happily in France with my Lebanese husband and two beautiful young daughters.

Following my first success story in matchmaking and seeing the struggle of so many good Lebanese singles outside Lebanon in finding good Lebanese mates, I decided to take initiative and start a Confidential Lebanese Matchmaking and Referral Service based on traditional Lebanese core values.

 Nada - A Lebanese Matchmaker

My First Success Story in Matchmaking

My cousin George, also Lebanese, came to visit me one day as he usually does and we started talking...   He is a successful 42 year old Medical Doctor who has never been married.

As a Lebanese, he wanted to meet a nice Lebanese woman and get married... but considering that we all live outside Lebanon in France where the Lebanese are scattered all over, it was very difficult to meet that someone special.

A strategy came to me that actually worked!...

Since I had the time, I was determined to help my cousin out.  So, I wrote down the names of every Lebanese woman I ever knew in France as well as in Europe, Lebanon, the Arab World, the U.S., etc..

I then compiled a list of their phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Then, I started calling them and e-mailing them to find out what they have been up to and how they were doing.  I was heart warmed by how delighted they all were to hear from me especially those in Lebanon...

I then told them all about my Lebanese Matchmaking Strategy and they all seemed ready to help out...

To make a long story short, none of them were available but they all started compiling names and phone numbers of single Lebanese women  they know.

In less than a week, I had the pleasure of talking on the phone to a very nice 31 year old  Lebanese woman in Lebanon called Layla who knew my friend Sonia in England.

Layla had plans to visit England so I passed her number to George and boy was I happy... They got along so well on the phone and when she visited England a few months later, George met up with her and they spent a lot of time together.

A couple of months later, George went to Lebanon to meet her family.  They got engaged and now they are planning for their big day...

This is still a FREE Service for Lebanese Women

Nada has been kind enough to offer her much appreciated Lebanese Matchmaking Services for FREE to Lebanese women "with reasonable expectations".

Lebanese men are asked to make a contribution of value to LCNJ.


Lebanese Cupid

What you can do... to help me help you!

First and foremost, I ask for everyone's good efforts and genuine desire to help make this project a success story in our Lebanese Community

  • If you are an available single Lebanese female, please send me a quick e-mail at including your name, location, age, picture and phone number.  No other information is needed at this time.

  • For all other fellow Lebanese, please compile a list of the names, phone numbers and e-mails of all the single Lebanese females you know in Lebanon and anywhere in the world.  Think of relatives, present and old friends, colleagues, etc...

  • The next day, give them a call and invite them to contact me at including their name, location, age, picture and phone number and refer them to this page.

  • Please be patient with me as I compile with the help of my wonderful new Lebanese friends at a comprehensive Lebanese matchmaking database.

Matchmaking Form

Send to Nada a quick e-mail in confidence at including your name, location, age, picture and phone number.  No other information is needed at this time.

All information submitted will be treated in strict confidence by and Nada.

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No Magical Wand!

I do not have a magical wand, so I will not be able to help all of you unless each and every one of you help me.

That means you need to help ME help YOU.

I need YOUR help to compile my Lebanese Matchmaking Database.

So, please compile a short list of the names, phone numbers and e-mails of all the eligible single Lebanese females you know in Lebanon and anywhere in the world. Think of family members, relatives, present and old friends, colleagues, etc... then provide me with names and e-mail addresses of Lebanese women of all ages who are truly ready to meet someone special in their life. Finally, please encourage them personally to contact me through my website here at